Change Up

by Sergio Wolfberry

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Once a world renowned media figurine, Superstar Chef/Rockstar/Reporter Sergio Wolfberry was unfortunate to suffer a public implosion the likes of which has not been seen since, oh I dunno, Charlie Sheen? Starting with his drunken ramblings at the Scatman John World-Changers Benefit, it ended with Sergio as the unintentional star of the the infamous "poodle-punching" TMZ video. Crashing down in a bender of cheap canadian whiskey and blue devils, shaken up by the dissolution of his third "It's Complicated" relationship in as many months, Sergio checked himself out of St. John of Gods hospital and instead jetted off with a select few to a remote compound in Thailand belonging to Aaron Rowand. The idea being-a therapy album was in order.
Sessions were not expected to run smoothly, but went much worse than could have been anticipated. Drug use was thinly veiled as "method acting", and soon producer Rick Rubin left the project, citing shoddy material and "piss poor, unprofessional, boorish behavior."
With Wolfberry at the helm, the skeleton-crew band (with the jet pilot playing guitar, Sergio's brother Romo on bass, and a series of quickly hired and fired Taiwanese "drummers") recorded an album that, at first glance, might resemble the gritty, emotional honesty of such classics as "Cold Turkey" and "Baby I Need Your Lovin'". In fact, it was a overly-rushed attempt by Sergio to ween record sales out of his glut of celebrity coverage in order to finance his latest struggling startup restaurant; "Wolfberry's Pantry".
Reaching the high spot of 16 on the US charts, any upward momentum the album had was sagged by one of the fired drummers releasing bootleg copies of not only the complete album, but an audio recording from the sessions of Wolfberry punching yet another poodle. His audience was not as forgiving of his antics this second time. Wolfberry was roundly condemned, and headed back to his Pasadena townhouse, too distraught and hungover to even remember the studio tapes. Left behind in Taiwan, they were released as "Super Boom-Boom Casio Fest Vol.16", to great local success.
Fellow musician Cameron Miller came into the rights to the album after winning a wager with Wolfberry while drinking at The Red Room. As a gesture of respect to his friends artistic output, he has here released a disc that Wolfberry has stated he would rather ".... see self-destruct, scatter to the winds, where no one on this mortal earth can hear it."
Enjoy then, Sergio Wolfberry's Change Up, as it was meant to be heard.


released August 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Cameron Miller Santa Cruz, California

Serious California-borne songwriting about the serious things: life, love, whiskey and the ocean.

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Track Name: I Never Can Tell Her
I'm sick, thanks for asking and I'll tell you why
I packed my inhibitions and traveled 800 miles
My feet pounded sidewalks my head was soaked with rain
I kept on going, knowing that I'd never go back again
But here I sit unshaven by the red candle light
To drunk to spell out the words that I write
I turned around and walked back
To what I left behind
And I can tell you why

Oh, I still remember
Oh, the way that she smiles
Oh the sun on her long hair
I may as well forget about it
Cause I never can, never can, never can , never can

I never can tell her that I love her
(you don't have to tell me)
I never can tell her that I love her
(say it now, it's so easy)
I never can tell her that I love her
(keep it under lock and key)
I never can tell her that I love her
(Remember, start forgetting)
I miss you , don't you know
(she will never know)

I'm head over heals with a dead, dying wish
And you are still here, but how will you take this
You know you can help, you know what to do
Kick out your boyfriend, I'll be your new one
I speak like a drunkard, I speak like a dreamer
You never will, never will, never will, never will
Track Name: Loot, Cheat, Shoot, Steal
I wanna live in the desert, alone with the sky
I don't wanna talk about you and I
I keep on planning my, great escape
We'll see if I can survive the wait
Every bit I plan is just more, space inbetween
Your eyes when they're staring back at me
Every word we say is gonna, come back around
They will hunt us down

No don't you ever ask why
No don't you ever ask why, the
Moon's still in the sky like it was be--fore
Who are you to ask for anything more?

Loot cheat shoot steal, do whatever the fuck you feel
Truth was never real anyways
Talk about it till you die, and never know the reason why
Your truth ain't never as good as mine
Life is never as solid as it seems
It's more like a circle than it is straight
And I can write a whole song and only use half my brain
Who would have it any other way?
Track Name: Don't Say Believe
Party broke and I rode my bike
Drunk as hell into the night, my
Feet were numb and my fingers froze, as I
Rode down that long road
I took the bumps, I took the hills
I learned alot about myself
I knew that if I kept on going
I'd be home before I knew it

Here I am now, at last
Oh shit, i'm headed way too fast
I'm hit, I'm down, a horrible crash, but
It doesn't matter cuz, no
It doesn't matter cuz

Decisions I make are all pointless
3000 lives all meaningless, and
If there's a god you know he doesn't care either way

It's ten in the am, and I overslept again,
I check out my phone, and my job has called three times
It's just like a bad dream, it's the start of another week
It's just another day, in my life

Go through the motions another day
Punch out the clock, and I get paid
Just enough, for gas to come back tomorrow

My work, my job is all pointless
3000 lives all meaningless
And if there's a god you know he doesn't care either way

Don't you tell me (don't say believe)
No don't you tell me to believe
Track Name: New Brighton Beach
Enjoy the circus, enjoy the acts, cause once they're gone, it won't be back